Where is Chittorgarh Fort located?

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Chittorgarh Fort is situated in the historical city of Chittorgarh. This giant fort witnessed the bravery and honour of Rajputs. Constructed in the 7th century AD, used to be the capital of the Mewar rulers. The fort complex inclides seven gates, two towers, and 65 structures.
 Where is Chittorgarh Fort located?
Interesting fact is that, this fort has withstood three major Muslim invasions starting from Alauddin Khilji, Bahadur Shah and Akbar. But it has never been a Muslim bastion and always regarded as the hallmark of the Rajput amour propre. A fight for religion or faith never took place rather a fight to keep the pride of the land unsullied and protecting it from the foreign raiders scribbled a beautiful history.  
 Where is Chittorgarh Fort located?
While brave men stepped into the battlefield, the women supported the sacrifice of their men by committing jauhar to keep the honour of the community and the unflinching, indomitable spirit alive.A beautiful history is associated with this fort.
Stretching across 700 acre and a circumference of 13 km, the fort has a kilometre long road that takes up to the rampart after passing through seven gates which are: Ganesh gate, Hanuman gate, Padan gate, Jodla gate, Bhairon gate, Lakshman gate and the last and the main gate, Ram gate. These gates were constructed to protect the fort from the enemy attacks and the arches even a protection against the elephant's entry was granted by these gates.

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