What are the editions of Salesforce?

Asked 23-Jan-2018
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Salesforce offers bundles of products and services, and each bundle having a different set of Business need and these bundles are known as editions. Beginners start with a basic edition and for more feature upgrade the edition as business requirements.

At first time when a company migrating to Salesforce CRM should choose any of the Salesforce editions which are based on the type of business company is related. There are 7 types of Salesforce editions these are Professional Edition, Personal Edition, Developer Edition, Group Edition, Contact Manager, Unlimited Edition and Enterprise Edition.

Here is a quick description of each edition:


Short Description

EnterpriseThis edition is released for a lard and complex business. This edition gives the advanced customization and administration tools and also it includes access to Salesforce APIs so it can easy to integrate with the back-office systems.
DeveloperThis edition gives the functionality to access the Force.com platform and APIs. Developer Edition permits to developers to extend the Salesforce and integration with other applications, and also develop new tools and applications. It also gives the facility to access many features of the Enterprise Edition.
ProfessionalThis edition is designed for businesses requiring full-featured CRM functionality with the straightforward and easy to use customization, and integration, and administration tools to facilitate any small to midsize deployment.
UnlimitedThis edition boasts the success and enhance the entire enterprise over the Force.com platform and provides the flexibility to manage and share all the information on demand. Unlimited edition having all the Enterprise Edition functionality, full mobile access, Premier Support, and other features.
PersonalThis edition is a CRM solution released for the individual sales representative or other single users. This edition permits the access the key contact management features like Accounts, Contacts, and Synchronization with MS Outlook and also it provides sales representatives with sales tools like Opportunities.
Contact ManagerIt is released for small businesses and provides access to key contact management features including Accounts, Contacts, Calendars, Attachments, Notes and Activities, Reports. This edition also provides easy-to-use, straightforward customization options.
GroupThis edition also released for small businesses and workgroups with a limited no. of users. In this edition from the start of the sales cycle, users can manage their customers through the end with the customer support service. And also this edition provides the access to Leads, Opportunities, Contacts, Accounts, dashboards, and reports.


  • Developer Edition doesn’t get technical support from Salesforce. But you can get support from the developer community.
  • Contact Manager Edition, Personal Edition is not available in Lightning Experience.
  • Personal Edition doesn’t have opportunities because it is purchased after June 2009.