Who is the inventor of Bluetooth?

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Who is the inventor of Bluetooth?Bluetooth was invented by Dr. Jaap Haartsen in the year 1990 while working at Ericsson. Dr. Jaap Haartsen full name Jacobus Cornelis Haartsen was born on 13 Feb 1963 in The Hague, the Netherlands is a Dutch electrical engineer, researcher, inventor and entrepreneur and his best known for inventing Bluetooth.  

Bluetooth is a low energy device to device wireless connection technology which became a mainstream way of short distance connectivity globally. In the year 2008 when the technology celebrated its 10th anniversary, the number of Bluetooth users reached up to 2 billion.

Who is the inventor of Bluetooth?

The stats are very genuine as now in the year 2018 Bluetooth is not just in a mobile phone as it’s now in a number of high-end devices such as earplugs, speakers, portable speakers, car music system and many more things.

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