What is the meaning of the word Tokyo?

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T-ky is made up of old Middle Chinese borrowings: t means 'east' and ky signifies 'capital,' therefore combined they imply 'east(ern) capital.' 'Capital,' spelled d, is a Chinese term whose Middle Chinese predecessor was taken into Japanese as 'capital, major city.' This is reflected in the name Kyoto, which served as the capital of Japan from 794 until 1192. The initial component of Kyto, ky, is the same as Tokyo's name meaning 'capital.' As a result, Kyto implies the 'capital city.'

Tokyo, formally the Tokyo Metropolis and traditionally known as Tokio in the West, is the capital, largest city, and most populous metropolitan area in the Greater Tokyo Area, Kant region, and Japan, as well as the Japan's most populous prefecture. The prefecture is located near the mouth of Tokyo Bay and is part of the Kant region on Japan's main island of Honshu's central Pacific coast.

Tokyo is Japan's economic and political center and the residence of the Emperor and the country's government. The prefecture is expected to have a population of 14.04 million people by 2021. With an estimated 37.468 million people in 2018, the Greater Tokyo Region is the world's most populated metropolitan area.