What is GI Certificate?

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What is GI Certificate?

A geographical indication known in short form as (GI) is a sign utilized on items that have a particular geological root and have characteristics or notoriety that are because of that starting point. So as to work as a GI, a sign must recognize an item as beginning in a given spot.

What's more, the characteristics, attributes, or notoriety of the item ought to be basically because of the spot of the starting point. Since the characteristics rely upon the geological identity of creation, there is an unmistakable connection between the item and its unique spot of creation.

Regarding GI certificate there was a big announcement made for the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Kashmiri will now have another special identity. That is Kashmiri saffron, this ancient and famous Indian spice has got GI certificate. Due to which both Saffron and Kashmir will get special recognition, as well as its purity, will also remain intact. The announcement of getting the geographical indication certificate made in Kashmir was announced by Lieutenant Governor GC Murmu in July 2020.  A major landmark step is to bring the Valley brand on the global map.