What is another name for the Bermuda Triangle?

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This world is full of mysteries. One such secret is the Bermuda Triangle on the southeast coast of America is also known as “The Devil’s Triangle”.

What is another name for the Bermuda Triangle?

Bermuda Triangle America's Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda are a fictional triangle that connects these three places, where the bigger sea and airplanes disappear right after they reach the danger triangle zone. Neither ship nor the traveler, as soon as the triangle approaches. Even the Bermuda Triangle is not shown in any map of the world.

Scientists have not been able to ascertain this secret of Bermuda Triangle, which is the power at which all the ships are eaten. Bermuda Triangle remains a mystery for folks from hundreds of years. No one knows how many seafarers and players who have passed through this.

What is another name for the Bermuda Triangle?

One such astonishing incident happened on December 5, 1945, which has kept the world's scientists from shaking. The American Navy's 14 professional pilots came out to Bermuda Triangle for a training exercise. 
But after just one hour 45 minutes, Flight Leader Lt Charles Taylor called the Control Center and told that there is something very big about here.

Charles told that the three compass of his ship has stopped working.  He said that he has no idea about direction. It's a bit strange at all. Even the sea is not the same as it should be. And shortly after that, the contact with his control center was broken. 14 None pilots disappeared in that incidence.

What is another name for the Bermuda Triangle?

On the same evening, a second plane was sent to the Bermuda Triangle in an unsuccessful attempt to find them. But only 27 minutes after the flight, the contact was also broken from the control center and that plane and its pilots never returned back. 

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