Who named Bharat as India?

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A diverse combination of various societies, traditions, food and a one of a kind legacy makes India, an exceptionally captivating country. Be it the compositional marvels, or the very created human progress in old India or a stunning history of a much-vanquished country, India has constantly made her quality felt as an extraordinary country.
From the antiquated circumstances, our country has been alluded to as Bharat – our unique Sanskrit name. However, nobody story we tell can clarify how India got the name Bharat. A few students of history have different speculations with regards to the birthplace of this name and every one, is as captivating as the last.
Apparatus Veda and the skirmish of ten lords
 The war was between ten ground-breaking clans who plotted to oust King Sudasa of the Bharata clan. The relentless fight occurred on the banks of the waterway Ravi in Punjab. As per legend, the Bharata clan was dwarfed yet King Sudasa, drove them to triumph because of his profoundly propelled military aptitude and set up his capacity all through the sub-mainland.
Lord Sudasa 's tact guaranteed that the Vedas did not simply record his triumphs but rather the thoughts of the sages, including the celebrated internationally Vishwamitra, from different clans were likewise fastidiously recorded. This prompted the prevalence of King Sudasa and inevitably an ever increasing number of individuals began distinguishing themselves as individuals from the Bharata clan. The name 'Bharata' stuck on and at last, India was named 'Bharat varsha' which means the place that is known for Bharata.
Sanskrit and the causes of Bharat
 India as Bharata varsam, and utilizes this term to recognize it from different varsas or landmasses. The term is of the Sanskrit root bhr-, "to endure/to convey", with an exacting importance of "to be kept up" (of flame). This term additionally signifies "one who is occupied with look for information"
Bharat – Unity in Diversity
These are by all account not the only hypotheses that are in presence about the starting point of the name "Bharat". Regardless of the number of hypotheses of the cause of the name Bharat, what is important is the embodiment of a thought called Bharat, Hindustan or as more regularly called India! Also, that quintessence is the possibility of a country that is inviting and sweeping of the assorted variety in this world.