What are the places to visit in Kullu Manali?

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Kullu and Manali, settled within the Himalayan lots of Himachal Pradesh, India, offer a hypnotizing blend of everyday excellence, experience, and social lavishness. 

What are the places to visit in Kullu Manali



Here are some ought-to-go to locations in Kullu-Manali:


  • Solang Valley:

The Solang Valley is a haven for adventurers thanks to its stunning surroundings. Take detail in physical activities like paragliding, snowboarding, and zorbing even as encompassed with the aid of using snow-covered tops.

  • Rohtang Pass:

The Rohtang is an immoderate mountain skip that outcomes in the Spiti and Lahaul Valleys. It offers top notch perspectives on glacial hundreds, tops, and the Chandra Stream. The Pass is a hub for snow sports activities activities and is open in some unspecified time in the future inside the summer.

  • Temple of Hidimba Devi:

This ancient timber temple, which is devoted to the Goddess Hidimba, is surrounded with the aid of cedar forests. It is a huge religious and traveler's holiday spot due to its one-of-a-kind structure and tranquil environment.

  • Temple of Manu:

Arranged in Old Manali, the Manu Sanctuary is devoted to the sage Manu, who is the maker of humanity. The Valley can be visible in the temple's position.

  • Old Manali:

Known for its points of interest and energetic climate, Old Manali gives tight paths with cushty bistros, shops, and guesthouses. It's an first-rate spot to discover about the tradition of the place and unwind by using way of the Beas River.

  • Nehru Kund:

Named after India's most memorable Head of the State, Jawaharlal Nehru, this regular spring is a wellspring of the Beas Stream. It's a non violent spot to experience the lovely surroundings and crystal-clean water.

  • Kullu Wrap Processing Plants:

Investigate Kullu's well-known cloak enterprise facilities to have a have a look at the conventional craftsmanship. Buy handwoven Kullu cloaks, covers, and special handiworks as trinkets.

  • Temple of Mahadev Bijli:

This temple offers tremendous views of the Kullu Valley from its perch atop a hill. The lightning conductor, which pulls divine lightning, stands proud, and its miles are committed to Lord Shiva.

  • Extraordinary Himalayan Public Park:

An UNESCO World Legacy Site, the undertaking region is a secure house for nature sweethearts. It hosts one-of-a-kind flora, inclusive of interesting Himalayan species. It is accessible to Journey, and installing area camp opens doorways.

  • Kasol:

A quiet metropolis at the banks of the Parvati Waterway, Kasol is known for its beautiful beauty, Israeli impact, and traveling trails. If you are looking for peace and quiet, this is the appropriate getaway.

Kullu and Manali are attractive places for nature fans, adventurers, and those who want to immerse themselves in the Himalayas due to the ones points of interest and the welcoming culture there.


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