Have you ever been to "Dawki"?

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The Paradise!

Have you ever been to

Well, going on the trip to Dawki via road is one of the remarkable experiences that, I had… This place is been added to the bucket list of every being, while one has a plan to travel the North-Eastern State of Meghalaya.

This place is been located along-side the border of Indo-Bangladesh, a river Umngot which is spreading across the Jaintia Hills from the capital of the state Shillong and covers the run of 75 Km.

Way to reach this place:

Have you ever been to

Rent a 4-wheeler, the best option to at least for a day… the passage that travels through the ravines, tiny villages and gorges which lies in the infinite farmland linings with a beautiful trail of houses.

The journey of two and a half hours could be completed with your favorite music been played out loud in the car with a blend of the bunch of fresh fruits that would make your journey more exotic having a mix of chill breeze along…

The spectacular view of the Umngot River, Dawki makes it more worth visiting… which forms a natural segregation between the Jaintia Hills and the Khasi. Thus, the trading among the countries is been possible by the cables suspension bridge that is one of connects between India and Bangladesh.

Have you ever been to

 River Umngot, is also been an amazing site for boat racing which is been held in the month of March and April, thus having seen this emerald-green water body which makes it ways out through the hills, accompanied by the boat of a fisherman flecking its surface, there in the plains a region of Bangladesh which would be echoing prior your walking-out that place.

This prodigious ride over the boat which could get you a view of the river-bed which is actually 15-20 feet deep. The Umngot River has been so clean that the sparkle of Sun could clear the reflection of the body and one can see through it…

Have you ever been to

This has been my experience for this Paradise, while I had visited this place… and has been in my heart since then… which, I crave as I live each day of my life…

And the only thing that can be held its essence is its beauty.

Hope, you would too have the same experience to share with me further… 

Hail to the Beauty!