Visiting the islands around India?

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Exploring the islands which are circumambient “The Golden Bird” are the best to know about… 

Visiting the islands around India?

Excited to know about it… 

Then what are you waiting for… Let us go…

Well, stop!

Before you take up the tour of islands firstly let us just know… why islands are been preferred to be the most visited among other places existing in the world.

Considering some people it is been the place of lavish beach parties, encountering with new faces and the adventurous marine sports… whereas for other groups it is the place for hanging hammocks, accompanied with a nice book for the daydreamers and for the rest of the folks would just prefer to have good long walk along the sides of the land where it subtly merges with the Blue-Sapphire which reflects the rays of the Sun beautifully referring to an ocean.

Now here, I go with the list of these mesmerizing islands that encompasses our Golden Bird.

Majuli Island:

Visiting the islands around India?

It is been referred as one of the biggest river island existing in the world…

Interesting haan!

Well, I am just mentioning it about the world, it is also been one of the huge river islands in the list of India too… that’s pretty obvious…


This place is been astounding for its spectacular sight of the sunrise and the setting sun in the evenings… Ain’t it a romantic place… you would also find this place having a distinctive taste of the Assamese Culture… among all the islands of India, this is been the most unconventional… where you would be surprised with its food culture which includes Northeastern Cuisines rather than a seafood and instead of sand you would be seeing moss furnishing the floor-beds…

Hence, an amazing experience which is worthwhile…

Diu Island:

Visiting the islands around India?

This island is taken over by the Gujarati Heritage…

Infused with the Portuguese Culture which portrays the blend of Indo-European essence… The beauty speaks out of its phenomenal architecture… and its serenity which can stun you at a place for it surreal world you are been surrounded by…

Its subtle beaches accompanied with its aesthetic seafood with a blend of Gujarati taste… which makes it outstanding among the rest of the Islands in India… and the most amazing part is the authorized alcohol which you might not get in Gujarat… ;)

Divar Island:

Visiting the islands around India?

It is one of the islands in India which is been Virgin… found near the coast of Goa… this island lies in the vicinity of, upstream from the Panjim, Goa.

It is been located over the dashing river of Mandovi, which has framed its culture and the essence of the countryside of Goa.

St Mary’s Islands:

Visiting the islands around India?

It comprises of four-minute islands belonging to India. This place is been known for its hexagonal cut of the Basaltic rocks which is in similar to the Giant’s Causeway located in Ireland.

A sight of the blue water and the rocky beach would credit it a must traveled place. This islands has been a mystery to many people in India.

Little Andaman Island:

Visiting the islands around India?

This island is been referred to as the island of rare marine turtles… is an offbeat destination located in the Andaman Islands. This place is one of the enticing beaches. Been on the list of a most beautiful island in India, it makes up the perfect combination of nature in its raw form.

Also, one of the most destined place for Honeymoon which would make your experience a most memorable one than the conventional…

Lakshadweep Islands : 

Visiting the islands around India?

The Lakshadweep Islands have it beauty enhanced with the set of 36 palm-laden coral islands which are existing. It is the minute island of India… with its outstanding beauty and it virgin environment can stunt the stress of your life…

Hence, this place been worthwhile for taking up your next destination for your vacations…;)

Barren Island :

Visiting the islands around India?

A secluded Paradise in the vicinity of Andaman Islands… which is the only active volcanic island of South Asia under Indian Union Territory. The astounding beauty accompanied by the lava rock will walk you through a journey of paradise…

Which will make your trip a marvelous one…!

Grand Island :

Visiting the islands around India?

The ultimate location for snorkeling and diving deep in the oceanic water near Goa is the name of Grand Island.

Thus, known for its sites eligible for Scuba Diving. The divine beauty and the clean beaches will be an add-on for your prodigious experiences…

Visiting the islands around India?

Hope this one would enhance your love for nature and you may fall in love with his creation of existence…

Great Nicobar Island:

Visiting the islands around India?

Considered to be the largest Island in India… which is no less than others in flaunting its scenic beauty to others… ;)

With its crystal clear water which allure you to get merged within it and let go of all your inhibitions.

This sight cools your eyes with an amazing growth of Flora and Fauna which takes away all the credits been serene… having formed its entire new world on that island… and you would definitely have one of the best experiences ever for your vacations would be the most distinctive one…

Here the list comes to an end which would… make you fall in love with the beaches and islands surrounding India…  

Visiting the islands around India?

Hope you had a good tour of your imagination being to all the places which, I mentioned ;)


*Nature Never Goes Out Of Styles*


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