Exploring "The Bangarh Fort"

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"The Bangarh Fort"

Exploring The Bangarh Fort

Seriously I think you are really brave as you are talking about exploring the Bangarh I hope you have heard earlier too that this place top in the list of 10 most haunted place in India. Located on the border of Sariska Reserve in the Aravali range of hills in Alwar district of Rajasthan it was built by Man Singh in 1631.

Interiors of Bangarh
Apart from being one of the most haunted places in India Bangarh fort is pure beauty and has attention-grabbing architecture and it’s a proper resemblance to traditional architecture. As you enter from the main entrance you will find some ruined along with traditionally designed temples, palaces where Kings and Queen used to live.

Exploring The Bangarh Fort

There are 4 more points of the entrance which is renowned as the Ajmeri Gate, Lahori Gate, Delhi Gate and the Phulbari Gate. There are numbers of temples which includes Hanuman Temple, Gopinath Temple, Someshwar Temple, Keshav Rai Temple, Mangla Devi Temple, Ganesh Temple, and Navin Temple.

Exploring The Bangarh Fort

As after you move forward a bit you will see Nachan Ki Haveli (a palace for dance performers) and followed by the Gopinath temple there is Juahari Bajar (market palace) all these things are under the fort boundaries.

The only restriction in the fort is that no one is allowed to visit the fort after the sunset. As the place is the most haunted place it appeals tourist from all around the world. So if you are planning to visit this place plan to visit this place it in the day.

Exploring The Bangarh Fort

After 6 o’clock in the evening, no one is allowed to enter the fort and Indian army takes charge. The major reasons for such restrictions are the paranormal activities in the fort and it is believed that people who went to spend a night there didn’t come back. That’s something freaking sounds un-practical but it’s a fact.

Why is the fort haunted?
Well, there are so many stories told by locals of the Bangarh. However, the most trusted one is that there was ruler named Tipu Sultan who fell in love with Anittavathi as he was completely lost seeing such extraordinary beauty and owing to her beauty he expressed but she apparently refused.

Exploring The Bangarh Fort

Tipu Sultan who was the ruler of Mysore initiated a war on Bangarh and invaded the Bangarh but Anittavathi instead of surrendering over sultan chose to commit suicide and people believe that the spirit of Anittavathi still roams in Bangarh and locals also say they hear voices of a girl crying and shouting from the fort.

Bangarh is a common destination of paranormal experts so many of experts visit and stay there even for their research after taking a proper permit from Government of India.

Some interesting facts about the Bangarh Fort
  • The main entrance of the fort is been locked after the twilight
  • The fort is said to be cursed by Guru Balu Nath as the ruler Man Singh built the Fort right at the top of Guru Balu Nath Samadhi
  • The village near the Bangarh has no roofs as villager as many time they try to build a roof it got collapsed

Exploring The Bangarh Fort

  • Indias Most Haunted Place Bhangarh Fort Rajasthan
  • Strange Happenings claimed by most of the paranormal experts who visited their
  • Its myth or what no one knows but people claims there are supernatural powers
  • There is board placed by the archeologist which states ‘Stay Away’ notice

"Bangarh fort is full of mystery"