Does Gorilla glass requires screen guard?

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Does Gorilla glass requires screen guard?

A screen guard is just a plastic sheet which we adhere to our cell phone's screen. well it is a protracted method with bunches of guidelines. To apply a screen guard,  for the most part clean your gadget with microfiber material, apply somewhat sudsy water to the screen defender, and afterward squeeze it over the screen, at that point you have to position the defender appropriately so it fits, and you also need to ensure the screen protector is applied flat on the screen. You would not need any unattractive air bubbles or breaks showing up under the guard.  
Since we have gorilla glass, it is less important to put a screen guard that to by means of long process. prior it was compulsory to have screen guards on your phone's screen, yet progression in glasses and coatings have made it less necessary for some individuals.  
So fundamentally screen guard is just a plastic shield over gadget's screen. Yet, your screen defender will likewise be scratched ,if your screen confront any scratch. 

There was a time when screen guards were used as a lifeline to our phone’s screen, however current gadgets have further developed screen guards worked in many cell phones you will purchase. Modern Gorilla glasses are 40 percent more scratch resistant. Even the keys in your pocket should not be able to scratch a modern gorilla glass display. So basically Gorilla glass doesn't require a screen guard.  
There are a few things like sand, hard rock, diamonds which can scratch a gorilla glass screen as well. so all things considered we would recommend you to adhere a screen guard over gorilla glass screen, if you deal with these things on regular basis. 

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