What is H-1B?

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When and how a Canada PR visa process is required?
Any person planning to migrate from his home country to a foreign country on the lookout for chances to establish a career or pursue education is required to go through a number of formalities for implementing it. At the same time, people who wish to permanently move to another country with the intention of staying and working there for an indefinite period, have to go through a procedure for obtaining an AU 482 VISA as well.
For those who want to become successful in career choose any of the prospective destinations in the globe for the purpose. Of these, Canada being one of the most sought-after places for achieving educational, as well as job goals, has seen a drastic increase in the percentage of the immigrant population, who have shown interest in shifting to this location at a higher rate over the last couple of decades.


H-1B is a type of visa issued by the United States for non-immigrants of U.S.A which comes under the Immigration and Nationality Act101 (a) (15) (H). H-1B allows the Employer based in U.S.A employ workers from the different country in firms and companies.  
What is H-1B?
In simple words, it’s a visa which allows US corporations and companies to recruit worker from different countries who are having a professional degree or you can say a graduation degree in any stream such as IT, finance, accounting, architecture, engineering, mathematics, science, medicine, etc. for occupation in any specialized fields.
It could be any professional job which requires a bachelor degree from a recognized university. An individual who isn’t having a bachelor degree cannot apply for H-1B visa however, there are other options available where an individual can apply.

Duration of stay
The individual whose application gets approved for H-1b gets eligible to stay and work for a tenure of 3 years in America and this visa can be extended for 3 years which means you can work there at-least for 6 years. However, if you wish to work in U.S.A after completing a six-year tenure you can instantly apply for the green card which is applied for getting citizenship of that particular country.

But if your application for the green card doesn’t get approved then you will be asked to leave the country immediately and you will have to live outside U.S.A at-least for 1 year for re-applying for another H or L visa.

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