What is the difference between yoga and exercise?

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Difference between Yoga & Exercise

What is the difference between yoga and exercise?
Yoga and Exercise are two words that are often confusing terms as one another. There is a numerous difference between the two words. Yoga and exercises both are very different and have its own purposes to be performed.
The basic differences between yoga and exercise are as follows:
  • • Yoga can make your body, mind & soul in a peaceful way whereas exercise can’t do anything to your mind & soul, it will strength & shape your body fitness.
  • • The execution of Yoga styles does not allow to the development of muscles and shape whereas exercising the body in the gym contributes a lot for the development of the muscles and body shape.
  • • Yoga aims at the attainment of mental purity as It is all about the regulation of breathing technique called Pranayama and Asanas or postures whereas exercise leads to puling and carrying weightlifting instrument in gym for the attainment of physical soundness.
  • • The respiration rate are down in yogic exercises as they are done slowly whereas, In physical exercises, the respiratory system is made to work hard as they are done fastly.
  • • Yoga leads to the temperature falls down whereas physical exercises increase temperature of the body.
  • • In practicing yogic exercises the metabolic rate will be less whereas the metabolic rate is increased in physical exercises hence yoga practitioners require less food than people practicing physical exercising.
  • • The parasympathetic nervous system are activates in yogic exercise while physical exercise activates the sympathetic nervous system.
  • • Yogic exercises develop flexibility and the ability to adapt to the new environment if practiced correctly and they help in developing stamina whereas physical exercise only make muscles strong not flexible
  • • Yogic exercises help to coordinate the endocrinal secretions and balancing the reactions and develops positive attitude in life whereas physical exercise doesn’t develop attitudes as it develops fitness in body.
  • • Physical exercises develop toxins whereas yogic exercises help in removing the toxins.
  • • The results of yoga might be slow, but they have long-term benefits whereas physical exercise result are shown faster and not have a long term benefits.
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