Which is more technologically advanced, Japan or the US?

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Technological advancements: Japan

Which is more technologically advanced, Japan or the US?

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Science and technology rapidly grew in japan soon after the second world war. It led to the advancement of vehicle technology, robotics, medical devices, space exploration, and the film industry. Japan's exemplary educational system helps improve technological innovation and aid engineering talent development. Japan also provides high levels of support for research and development.

These factors have made japan the global leader in robotics, natural sciences, aerospace exploration, and biomedical research. In 2021, japan acquired the 13th rank in the global innovation index.

Technological advancements: The United States

Which is more technologically advanced, Japan or the US?

According to the reports of the national science foundation (NSF) Science and engineering indicators of 2018, the united stated is the global leader in science and technology. America is the leading provider of business, financial, and information services.

Its share accounts for 31% of the global share, followed by the europian union at 21%.
Higher education in the US provides advanced work skills needed to increase the knowledge-intensive global economy.

Estimates prove that the US awarded the most significant number of science and engineering doctoral degrees, about 40,000.

The US leads the world in the number of startups and the concentration of high-tech firms. Most of these are centered around the San Francisco bay area, which is the world leader in patent activity.

Japan vs. the US
Which is more technologically advanced, Japan or the US?

Therefore it can be concluded that japan is more technologically advanced than the US. Japan is the best when it comes to electronics and automobiles. The US technology is outdated, whereas Japanese technology is the most up-to-date.