Which is the most corrupt state in India?

Asked 29-Dec-2017
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India’s most corrupt state??

Well my friend, the most corrupt state is the "state of mind" of the individuals. At last, any form of organization is run by people and if people on the whole are not willing to put the welfare of the state above their personal preferences, then the organization on the whole cannot give out its best performance.

Let me prove my point with a few examples:

1) I have rarely witnessed people who stop at the stop line in a traffic signal rather they always jump signals, they park their vehicles on No parking zone.

2) Even public places like the airports, bus stands and railways stations aren’t maintained properly, apart from having a great share in the yearly budget for their maintenance, like recently an over bridge collapsed in a local train station in Mumbai resulted in loss of many lives.

The list goes on… I don't wanna start a list of complains and deviate from the answer .

When we as part of a society are not able to maintain the basic discipline. I don’t think we should expect our leaders to be perfect. They are also the product of the very same society that has learnt to bend every small rule. Remember my friends everything starts small, be it a mistake or a change.

So, the most corrupt state is our the current state of our minds we need a change in our mindsets this in my opinion is the most corrupt and the most vile of all aliments ailing our great country. lets change that....
lets learn to put the needs of the society and our country above our personal comforts every now and then....

Jai Hind !!!