What are some examples of human cruelty?

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Even though science has made huge progress since the evolution of human beings, it could not instill the feeling of brotherhood and oneness among them. Scientists can draft weather, missiles, submarines, warships, medicines, solar panels, surgeries, and many other things, but they are still numb to the growing cruelty of human beings.

A surgeon can repair a damaged heart, but he cannot install the feeling of love in that heart. Over time, we have seen torture & torment by the human race. Humans not just torture humans, but also animals and plants.

What are some examples of human cruelty?
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The recent incidents of burning a whole forest in the Chechnya region, the war in Afghanistan, the brutality on women, mob lynching, daily rape cases, the fitting of a bomb inside an elephant, and so much more are the never-ending lists of human torments.

Some people argue that modern weapons and missiles are much better because they kill only a few civilians. So what? Are the lives of those few civilians not important?

Wars are in fact the extremist cases of cruelty. But extremist cases exist even in normal life. A teenage girl raped & doused in caustic soda, a disabled man murdered by his friends, mob lynching by a community, killing of thousands of animals, the long-running child abuse, and human trafficking are well-known examples of human cruelty.

What are some examples of human cruelty?
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What is the very core reason behind all this? The desire to hurt or offend!

People hurt those who are weaker than them…simply put, an animal who cannot speak, how would he defend himself during brutality? A girl or a boy who is weaker than the assaulter, how would they save themselves? And the weakest…the tress that is burnt, could you imagine their defense?
People tend to hurt their fellow human beings, the environment. The situation doesn’t stop at the outer world as many people tend to hurt their family members too…financially, physically, sexually, or mentally. Every type of abuse is prevalent in many families too.

Take an incidence of cruelty based on religion: terrorism is the biggest example! Also, animal sacrifice and hitting fellow humans are a part of religious cruelty.

What are some examples of human cruelty?
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The most evolved species have become the worst of all today! Thus, we could see that no amount of lab tests/surgeries/transplants or inventions could deprive humans of cruelty. This can only be possible by constant monitoring of oneself and living a life of meaning. If we tend to inculcate the desire to hurt our fellow beings, then no one can stop us from hurting them. But if we see them as ‘living beings’ then a vicious mindset could never prevail.