When was the Salesforce CRM Application released?

Asked 29-Dec-2017
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Salesforce CRM was launched in the year 1999 by Marc Benioff along with co-partner Parker Harris. Customer Relation Management is the prime source of revenue generation product by sales force, 
In simple meaning, it’s basically a technology which is opted to manage the important and integral things like company’s relationship and interaction with customers and potential customers.
When was the Salesforce CRM Application released?
The motive of CRM is very genuine as it is done to enhance and improvise business relationship with customers it’s one of the major sources which let a company in being connected with customers streamline processes, and improving profitability.

It provides a company to focus on their relationship with individual along with customers, service users, supplier and etc. CRM tools which help in sales management, productivity, contact management and much more business-related activity.