How are SIRI and CORTANA similar?

Asked 27-Dec-2017
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How are SIRI and CORTANA similar? 
You may be very familiar with the features which respond and reacts according to your suggestion and instruction and Siri and Cortana are the finest among them.  

SIRI is been developed using artificial intelligence mechanism which works as a personal assistant for the users who use devices manufactured by Apple Corporation. Siri could be understood as Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface and is a major part of the Apple high-end devices. Siri feature was launched when Apple launched its iPhone 4s model and now in 2017, it is considered as the most sophisticated feature which is been loved by almost all the users.

Cortana is one of the most sophisticated virtual assistant created and designed by Microsoft Corporation. It is compatible in Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Invoke smart speaker, Microsoft Band, Xbox One, iOS, Android, Windows Mixed Reality, and it will be soon provided in Alexa too.

Both, SIRI and Cortana come under the category of being virtual assistance and both the technologies share a lot of similarities. This technology gives a perfect feel of roaming around with personal assistant. Talking about the similarities there are so many similarities like reminders of any activity like calling someone, texting, any plans, meeting etc.  

Both technologies have been designed with a natural voice they don’t sound like a robot which gives a very natural feel to the user. 

They are so sophistic-ally designed and provide the best possible feedback of a given command or instruction.  
Both Cortana and SIRI reply in a sarcastic tone whenever a user asks a question which is humorous in nature which is the fun part of them.