which state has the largest number of seats reserved for schedule tribes in the lok Sabha?

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which state has the largest number of seats reserved for schedule tribes in the lok Sabha?

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In the Lok Sabha or lower house of Parliament, the province of Madhya Pradesh has the most seats designated for Scheduled Tribes.

Members of Parliament make up the Lok Sabha, the lower chamber of India's Parliament (MPs). Each Member of Parliament (MP) represents a particular geographical district. There are now 543 constituencies, with a potential of 550 representatives available (following article 331, two seats were allocated for Anglo Indians, but after the 126th Constitution Amendment, article 331 was declared invalid by Sansad, and the total seat was increased to 552).
According to the Indian Constitution, the Lok Sabha can have up to 552 members, with 524 members serving the interests of 28 states and 19 members representing the people of 8 Union territories depending on their demography.

The Delimitation Commission, established under the Delimitation Act of 2002, was tasked with trying to adjust all legislative and council seats in India, except for Jammu & Kashmir, given the population estimates from the 2001 Census. The Indian government has issued an Ordinance modifying the Delimitation Act, 2002, which nullifies the Delimitation Commission's Final Order for the state of Jharkhand. Later, the government issued 4 distinct Orders under Section 10 A of the Delimitation Act, 2002, postponing the delimitation procedure in Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, and Nagaland, the four North-Eastern states.
Two seats in the Lok Sabha were allocated for representatives of the Anglo-Indian minority from 1952 and 2020. At the suggestion of the Indian government, the President of India nominated them. It was repealed in 2020 by the 104th Constitutional Amendment Act of 2019.