SC Guidelines Now Protect Good Samaritans Who Help Road Accident Victims

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We always look for one who can understand our emotional distress walking on the crowded road. At this point of time when you become a road accident victim you're eligible to receive the treatment with respect by the hospital, police and court. But how? 

SC Guidelines Now Protect Good Samaritans Who Help Road Accident Victims

There are several on road well wishers like Suraj Prakash Vaid, tours and taxi operator of Delhi, had transported over 70 road accident victims to hospitals and healthcare centres. For the good deed he and the liked Samaritans has to become an ultimate victim to suffer with innumerable court hearings. 

Good Qualities possess by Good Samaritans
A Good Samaritan is reliable and doesn't expect payment or any type of consideration for offering immediate assistance or emergency care to the road accident victim.  When we talk about Good Samaritan Law, it means safe guidelines set by any statutory body to protect the interest of Samaritans as they're often found to be a victim of harassment for forwarding assistance or emergence care to an injured person.  Therefore, in 2012 a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) was filed in the Supreme Court of India, requesting the court to safeguard the interest of Good Samaritans.

For the removal of the sufferings, Supreme Court gave an approval to the guidelines issued by the Centre to protect Good Samaritans at the moment by the police or any other authority. 
The decision of the Supreme Court grants confirmation to the guidelines as the Centre has previously claimed that it was difficult to enforce guidelines in the absence of any statutory body. 
Now, the supreme court's approval stand as the pillar to support the Good Samaritans. 

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