which animal has longest tail?

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“Nice Caboose” is a tiny reptile, also known as the Asian Grass Lizard, has about 10-inch (25-centimeter) long tail, which is more than three times the length of the animal’s body.

which animal has longest tail?

The Long tails evolve in vertebrate species that they use their tail for maintaining the balance, such as tree dwellers like the grass lizard and water skimmers like the Jesus Christ lizard. The species who swim, they need their tails for propulsion and the body balance. Even some reptiles have detachable tails as well, so if a predator attacks, they can sacrifice their tails and escape from their alive. This helps them to save their life.
The Asian grass lizard comes in an array of upper body colors like brown, tan, and green with long, dark stripes running down its length. The animal tail is helpful to fulfill the variety of daily tasks. Like, for Fish, the tail helps them to swim with great speed and adjust their direction, many land animals use their tail to remove flies and other insects which could bite them and causes harm.
However, Cats and Kangaroos use their tails to maintain their body balance while moving. As well as, some animals like Deer use their tails to warn their fellow members for the occurrence of danger near to them. The tails of grazing animal’s works as two different ways, one, and the tail help them to remove flies and insects over them and the movement of the tail at certain positions indicates the physical and emotional state of those animals.