who are self proclaimed hackers?

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 Self-proclaimed hackers are  Ethical hackers which are also known as the white hat hacker, ethical hackers are the ultimate security professional and how complete skills of detecting the weaknesses in various systems and programs pretty similar to those hackers which are also known as the black hat hackers.
who are self proclaimed hackers?
Ethical hackers perform the required activity as demanded by the government of the particular country or the intelligence department. However, ethical hackers have much more responsibilities as sometimes they have to deal with cases which are in regards to national security.

Government hires ethical hackers and provide them license to possess their hacking work for them. You may have listened to the name of Ankit Fadia one of the most renowned self-proclaimed ethical hackers in India. The prime reason why the government has to take such steps is that of increase in the use of internet own devices.
who are self proclaimed hackers?
Well, the primary difference between the ethical hacker and malicious hacker is the legality as the ethical hacker’s works for the benefit of a country and works on the rules and guidelines which are legal however in the case of the malicious hacker there is vice-versa as they violate the rules and guidelines and that’s the reason they are considered as criminals.

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