What is Glass Box Testing?

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Glass Box Testing!

What is Glass Box Testing?

This concept of testing has emerged, wherein the test cases are been derived from the test data picked up from the program code or program logic. Glass Box Testing can be named by a variant term like open box testing, structure testing or clear box testing.

Techniques followed by the Glass Box are:

  • Path Coverage: It involves in the testing of all the possible path which would include branches, path, and statements of the code 
  • Branch Coverage: This method makes sure to test all the branches at least once by running a trail of test
  • Statement Coverage: This has the objective of making all the programming statements functioning at a finite number of testing

Calculating Structural Testing Effectiveness:

What is Glass Box Testing?

Preferences of Glass Box Testing:

  •  Forces test designer to reason precisely about execution
  •  Reveals mistakes in "shrouded" code
  •  Spots the Dead Code or different issues as for best programming hones.

Impediments to Glass Box Testing:  

  • Expensive as one needs to invest both energy and money to perform white box testing.  
  • Every probability that few lines of code is missed unintentionally.  
  • In-profundity information about the programming dialect is important to perform white box testing. 

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