What is Integration Testing?

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Integration Testing!

What is Integration Testing?

It is been conceptualized for testing of the interfaces and integration between peripheral, forming a synergy among the different components of the operating system, hardware and file system interfaces between the system.

When the two separate modules are been synergized together, then this type testing come in the picture. As you can have a look right below this statement, Module A and Module B is been collaborated and hence tested post to the integration.

What is Integration Testing?

It can only be performed by the test team or the integration tool for testing

It is been categorized into two approaches which include “Top-Down” and the “Bottom-Up” approach. As you can have a look at the below snap:

What is Integration Testing?

Let us learn about its types and techniques:

1. Big Bang integration testing:

What is Integration Testing?

In Big Bang incorporation testing all segments or modules are coordinated at the same time, after which everything is tried overall. According to the underneath picture every one of the modules from 'Module 1' to 'Module 6' is incorporated at the same time then the testing is completed

2. Top-down integration testing:

What is Integration Testing?

The testing is been configured from Top to Bottom, thus snapping down the structural view of the Top-Down Integration Testing. It is been named as stub…

3. Bottom-up integration testing:

What is Integration Testing?

Testing happens from the base of the control stream upwards. Parts or frameworks are substituted by drivers. The following is the picture of 'Base up approach':

Thus, this was about the type of Integration Testing for more details... Kindly visit the following link below:

Integration Testing