What is core PHP?

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Hypertext Preprocessor!

What is core PHP?

Hypertext Preprocessor or PHP is an extensively used open source accustomed scripting language that is been widely suited for the development of the web and can be embedded into HTML.

Well, better to understand that with an example and let all your doubts be cleared.


            echo "Hello World!";

In exchange for the bundle of pages of commands for an output in HTML, PHP pages embedded with HTML codes and creates an event in this case. Output “Hello World!”. Its code gets initiated and ends with a special instruction <?php and ?> that would permit you to enter and leave the “PHP Mode”.

What recognizes PHP from something like client-side JavaScript is that the code is executed on the server, producing HTML which is then sent to the customer. The customer would get the output of running that content, however, would not realize what the hidden code was. You can even arrange your web server to process all your HTML documents with PHP, and after that, there's extremely no chance that clients can tell what you have up your sleeve.

It is fun for newcomers along with a spice for the advanced programmer with its mind-blowing feature. You just need to be in friends with the tags and that would land you in a way of becoming a good scripting coder in just a few hours. A great benefit that programmer owes using PHP is that it is a server-side scripting language thus. you can create much more…

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