What is meant by Helicopter Parents?

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Helicopter parents or parenting is a modern term which is generally used for a parent who pays extra and very keen observation towards their children’s.

What is meant by Helicopter Parents?

This sort of parenting is not considered healthy for the children and leads to so many problems among kids at a very unusual age.  It really feels great when our parents are concerned about us parents are the precious and most divine gift we have in our life as they are always there for us no matter in what problem we get trapped in, they are always by our side.  

What is meant by Helicopter Parents?
But there are cases in which it’s seen that parents almost do each and every work of their children and sometimes even the works which a child is capable of doing easily.

These things sometimes make a child dependent on others and being dependent becomes a habit even when he grows up. Parenting is necessary for growing a child in a correct way and making him a good human being but parents should also look and respect the wishes and desires of their children’s.  

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