How do I secure a username for my fan page in facebook?

Asked 06-Dec-2017
Updated 08-Sep-2023
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Securing a unique username for your Facebook fan page is an essential step to make it easily discoverable and memorable for your audience. Here's how to do it:

1. Create a Facebook Fan Page:
   If you haven't already, create a Facebook fan page for your brand, organization, or cause. Go to and follow the steps to set up your page.

2. Access Page Settings:
  Log in to your Facebook account and navigate to your fan page.
  Click on "Settings" located in the top right corner of your fan page.

3. General Settings:
   In the left-hand menu, select "General."
   Look for the "Username" section, which allows you to set a custom username for your page.

4. Choose a Username:
   Click on "Create @Username."
  A window will pop up where you can enter your desired username. It should be unique and relevant to your page.
   As you type, Facebook will suggest available usernames based on your page's name.

5. Check Availability:
   Facebook will verify if the username is available. If it's not, you'll need to try different variations until you find a unique one.

6. Confirm Your Selection:
  Once you've found an available username that you like, click "Create Username."
   Facebook will ask you to confirm your choice. Review it carefully, as usernames can't be changed or transferred once set.

7. Verify Identity:
   Depending on your page's category and activity, Facebook may ask you to confirm your identity by entering your password.

8. Username Set:
  Congratulations, your username is now set for your Facebook fan page! You can share this username to promote your page effectively.

Here are some additional tips:

Keep the username simple, memorable, and relevant to your page's content or brand.
 Use a consistent username across your social media platforms for branding consistency.
 Avoid using special characters, spaces, or periods in your username.
 Ensure your page complies with Facebook's terms and policies to prevent any issues or removal of the username.

Remember that once you've set a username, it's challenging to change or transfer it. Therefore, choose wisely, as it becomes an essential part of your fan page's online identity.