Should I learn on an acoustic or electric guitar?

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This confusion is very obvious when you step ahead in this stream. Well, acoustic and electric guitars are used in a different mood of music as acoustic is used for playing a soothing and melodious song without adding any digital or physical equipment the electric is been used mostly in metal and rock music.

Should I learn on an acoustic or electric guitar?
Musical notes and chords are similar in both of them you can apply same chords in an electric as well as in acoustic one. Mostly the electric one is played with proper setup these setups are additional things like amplifier, processors which convert the music in the feel of rock, however, acoustic guitars are best suited for playing a romantic melody and finger styling solo and rhythm as well.

Should I learn on an acoustic or electric guitar?
So now coming to your question which one you opt should for? I will suggest you to go with acoustic guitar acoustic guitar is having a vast field and its best suited for learning. By learning acoustic guitar you can easily apply your acoustic skills on electric too as the notes and chords are same.
However, after switching or playing electric guitar you will have to learn power chords which will help you in playing leads, rocks and metal music.

A guitar is really an attractive instrument most of the time it happens with people that they see someone playing guitar they fall in its attraction. But all I can say it’s not a cup of tea as it’s not that simple the way it looks.Learning this instrument requires a lot of focus and concentration so if you think you can put that much effort and you are capable of giving that much time to it then you should go for it.

Should I learn on an acoustic or electric guitar?
Have patience and practice at least 3-4 hours daily to get a place you desire to. You need to practice those chords as much as you can. Sometimes your fingertip may cut but all you need to do is practice. Guitar and music are really vast and you will never listen  from a guitarist that he has nothing to learn all you will lesson is ‘I am still learning’.

a guitar is really special if you will show correct approach towards it you can really become something else in this particular stream.

"learn it then rock it"

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