What has been the world's greatest invention and why?

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The invention of "fire" is considered as the world’s greatest invention early age humans witnessed fire many times but they were unable to control it and they were even not having the ability to produce fire. By going through some facts I found that fire was properly used about 125,000 years ago.  

What has been the worlds greatest invention and why

There is a variant reason for considering it is one of the greatest inventions which are basic in nature but are really much more important than other technical inventions. Fire gave us warmth in extreme winter, protection, and led to a host of other key inventions and skills like cooking.
What has been the worlds greatest invention and why
Its fire because of which we are able to cook and eat nutritious food which helps our brain in getting enhanced and also provides a proper structure to the human body. Fire is an integral part of almost all invention whether it’s related to a technical invention or any structural invention.

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Yes, it is the greatest invention. - Anonymous User22-Feb-2019