Who was Hitler?

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Hitler was the leader of Germany from the year 1933 to 1945 at his initial days he used to be a leader of Nazi party. Later, Adolf Hitler became the most powerful dictator of Germany. He was born on 20 April 1889, in Braunau which is in Austria. 

Who was Hitler?

Hitler invaded Poland brutally and then invaded many other European countries apart from starting the World War 2 Adolf Hitler is also considered victim for exterminating Jews people which belonged to Holocaust.

Early life
Adolf Hitler grew up in a country of Austria and he did not have a happy childhood as both his parents died when he was below 15 years of his age. His brothers and sisters also died in early age out of his 5 siblings only Paula her sister survived. His childhood was full of tragedies he was not good in his schools after being transferred from several schools he moved to Vienna to learn art which was his only hobby.
Who was Hitler?
Hitler was really good in painting but he was not able to make that much money from his artist title by which he can survive for his living. So after realizing that he would not be able to earn that much money he switched his goal for learning architect and moved to Munich, Germany.

Served as soldier in World War 1
Hitler served as a soldier in the German army at the time of World War 1 and he has been awarded the award of Iron Cross for bravery two times during the period when he was in the German Arm force.
Who was Hitler?
He became a strong patriot as the World War 1 impacted badly in his mind. Reports and early history articles say he used love wars even after knowing its worst impacts.

Hike in being a leader and dictator
Germany was in a crucial stage after losing the war and also German Public wasn’t happy about the Versailles treaty. German was hardly punched with economic depression as the most of the people lost so many things due to the war most people were poor. At that hard times, Hitler entered the German politics.
Who was Hitler?
Adolf was enriched in delivering speeches in front of huge mob his words provoked the people and his speeches were so strong that people easily believed every word closing their eyes. Adolf Hitler later joined Nazi party and soon became the dictator as well. Adolf Hitler committed to the people of German and promised them that if he became the leader of German he would rule over Europe and will show his greatness on Europe. Very rapidly he became the leader of Germany. 

World War 2
 In regards to growing Germany by land area, he firstly added Austria and made it a part of Germany and then invaded parts of Czechoslovakia. However, he didn’t stop there and invaded Poland on September 1, 1939, by which the World War 2 started after this He framed an alliance with the complied contribution of Japan and Italy.
Who was Hitler?
The whole alliance started fighting with Allied Powers of Britain, France, the Soviet Union, and the United States. Sooner Hitler army started invading and captured the places of most of Europe. German army managed to capture much of Europe including France, Denmark, and Belgium.

However, very sooner the allies strike back and soon released France. At the end of March in the year, 1945 German army got defeated by allies. After a month of losing the battle, Hitler committed suicide on April 30, 1945.

Adolf Hitler was one of the cruelest dictators, humanity has ever experienced.

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