Does Spanish Moss Harm Crape Myrtle Trees?

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Spanish Moss!

 Does Spanish Moss Harm Crape Myrtle Trees?

Spanish Moss” is a typical air plant which is also been referred as epiphytes that you would be able to find in the Northern region of Florida. It’s a charm for the Southern region. The name is misleading for most of us, as its native is bromeliad thus, neither is it Spanish nor is it a Moss.

 Being an epiphyte, all it needs is the air for its survival. This plant is been gifted with the cells that have the capability of sucking water and nutrients from the humid air.

Many of the people are still living in the fact that, this plant is been a detriment to a plant it is been hanged to… reason has been, Spanish Moss burgeon in the decaying trees. These plants can also be observed over the stressed plants due to their fragile herbage…

And the reason for the growth of this plant over the tree is the less shade of foliage canopy around the tree… allowing the sun rays to hit on the branches directly this catalyzing the growth of these air plants…So, they would be found over the trees which are slugged, but they are never being the reason of the poor growth of the tree…

 Does Spanish Moss Harm Crape Myrtle Trees?
 In case, if you find a lot of Spanish Moss residing over your tree like Crape Myrtle… then simply you can rub it off by your hands while they were the reason for the diminishing the growth of your tree. With the help of the extension pole, you can clear off the clumps of these air plants.

As per the research was done by the University of Florida they do not ever guide for killing the Spanish Moss using the spray as they are not found to be a parasite those who had an adverse effect over the tree.