How man muscle in each ear of a cat?

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Cats, one of the beauties made by Nature!

How man muscle in each ear of a cat?

It is one of the most popular domestic animal in the world living along with us since 9,500 years.
Its skeleton is been formed out of 250 bones thus, includes canines, incisors, premolar meat excluding the flat tooth…The food is been crushed by its vigorous jaws and is directly swallowed without giving any chance to chew…
They have an incredibly flexible spine and short vertebrae in the neck. Which is why they possess a wide expansion in their jump and is been supported by the hind paws as they are firm.
An amazing fact about them is that they use their tail to maintain balance.

About their Ear Muscles:

They possess a total of 32 muscles also they have a quality wherein they can pinpoint the origin of the noise generation. Hence, they move their body and ears in opposite direction. Their ears go down when they are frightened or in a playful mood to express it.

Been an amazing fluffy toy for the humankind.
How man muscle in each ear of a cat?

Cheers to this Toy!