How many heart does an octopus have?

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How many heart does an octopus have?

An Octopus is a blue blood mammal lives with 9 brains, 3 hearts. Thus, the functioning of it following a number of organs are:

  • Pumping of the blood to the gills is been functioned by its two heart and the third heart takes care of circulating it all over the body
  •  It has a Central brain that takes care of the nervous system and the movement of the ganglion at the base

About Octa:

Octopoda order with soft-body and eight armed mollusc. At present, there are recognized 300 species and grouped in order class of Cephalopoda with cuttlefish, nautiloids and squids. Octopus are bilaterally symmetrical, unlike other Cephalopods. Because of their structure and soft body they could escape from any hole. The Siphon used locomotive and to respire gushing out the waters. They are the most intelligent and precise sighted with a complex nervous system among the invertebrates. 

Think about this fact that, How brainy an octopus would be….
How many heart does an octopus have?

Haha! But they would not function intellectually! Just Kidding
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