What ball is used in kickball?

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The official kickball is the red WAKA ball and it’s the most integral equipment in the game of Kickball. Whereas there square measure several balls which will be wont to play, for example, a football/soccer ball, volleyball, and different sorts, it’s suggested to travel for a sort that meets the suggested commonplace.

What ball is used in kickball?
As per the official rules of WAKA, the right ball ought to be ten inches in diameter and expansive. The correct pressure it should be about 1.5 PSI. A poorly designed or incorrectly inflated not solely affects the fun however it can be the reason for injury.
What ball is used in kickball?
Consider a ball that doesn’t bounce enough or bounces an excessive amount of or a sort that's too rigid, too hard, or too soft. Although if have enough budget, you can go with the additional step of feat the official kickball that comes in red color and have a waka emblem.

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