What are famous foods and places in Allahabad?

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famous foods and places in Allahabad!!!

You look a bit more like traveler and a food lover too.
India is known for its variety of cultures and foods that changes from place to place. People like to explore and eat food which ever city they visit. Like every city Allahabad has also its different flavor of food and a unique feel when you roam around the places.

If you are looking for any special food item which you will not find anywhere else, then Allahabad will not end your search as it doesn't have any of its own unique food item. But, it has a uniqueness that you can find any food items here, especially the North Indian cuisines but with a typical “Allahabadi Style of Preparation” that makes the food unique and tasty.
I recommend to have a bite at these places if you ever visit Allahabad.

(1) Netraam Kachori-Sabzi In Old Katra

What are famous foods and places in Allahabad?
If you're in Allahabad and haven't tried their Puri kachauri, well then you haven't been in Allahabad yet. It is one of the oldest and finest sweets shop and famous for their kachauri as well. It is very popular among students as it is near to Allahabad University. All sweets here are made by using desi ghee that are very delicious to eat. You can have puri/kauchori which is their specialty. Even their Dahi bade are awesome. The samosas are much tastier and also other snackes items are very good. I am sure you’ll love to eat here and visit again and again.

(2) Nirala Ki Chaat, in Loknath Chowk

What are famous foods and places in Allahabad?
If you’re a ‘chaat lover’, you should visit this place. They make it with desi ghee which makes a big difference and makes it unique. Their ‘Aloo tikki’, ‘dahi-sonth ke Golgappe’, ‘Papdi chaat’ and of course the ‘Gol gappe’ are just amazing. You’ll love to visit this place and thank me.

(3) Rajaram Ki Lassi, in Loknath

What are famous foods and places in Allahabad?
The items made from milk are also very popular and loving in Allahabad. If you like lassi, the best place is Rajaram’s shop. They offer thick and cold lassi and Rabri Kulfi too. Also, you can try Malaidaar lassi. One thing you should keep in mind before going to there that there is no seating arrangement, you can find the place always filled with people. The glass in which the lassi is served and the method of preparation are the two things which amuse everyone.

(4) Dehati Ke Rasgulle

Basically, I am talking about Gulab Jamun which is locally called Rasgulla in Allahabad. Dehati Rasgulla is a purely dedicated shop of Rasgullas (I mean Gulab Jamun) and you will find a totally different taste of them, which you have never tasted anywhere else. Believe me, you’ll love the Gulab Jamun of this place. People are crazy for their Gulab Jamuns.
What are famous foods and places in Allahabad?

(5) Hira Halwai, Civil Lines

What are famous foods and places in Allahabad?
Hira Halwai is another sweet shop on the corner of the four lane road in civil lines area and is quite popular among all. It looks small but has great dishes to eat, it also has other stuffs too, it has great taste and is in shaded area. It offers few items but all are very tasty especially samosas and Gulaab Jaamun. People gather here for the samosas.

There are some other places as well which are famous for their food items like
Sainik ke Chhole Samosa(Ashok nagar), Kamdhenu sweets at civil lines, Eat-On Biryani centre(Civil lines), Lallu masala cold drink(Civil Lines), Shanti Kulfi(civil lines), Hariram ke Samose (Loknath) and many more.
Now comes the most famous places in Allahabad are:-

1. Triveni Sangam

What are famous foods and places in Allahabad?
This is the main center of attraction for all the tourists who visit Allahabad. A holy place and has cultural and historical presence in the Hindu mythology. Here, the river Ganga comes from one side and Yamuna from other and the three rivers meet at a same point; Ganga, whose water color is brown, Yamuna whose water color is green and saraswati which comes underwater and meet with these two rivers. The spot of meeting of the three rivers is called ‘Sangam’ the Saraswati river is believed to be invisible, so we can't see it. People can go to this spot by boat and get a bath. There is excellent presence of Migratory birds. This is place which Allahabad is famous for.

2. Anand Bhawan

What are famous foods and places in Allahabad?
Historical place, witnessed so many important events of Indian freedom struggle. Many fascinating objects are available, children of our nation should visit this place to know our history. Good parks are also available in this campus. A planetarium is also available in campus which is again a fascinating place of learning.

3. Khusro Bagh

What are famous foods and places in Allahabad?
Khusro Bagh is a huge garden and the most favorite place to chill out for locals. It is an exquisite example of Mughal architecture. It was named as Khusro Bagh after Prince Amir Khusro. It is a beautiful large walled garden and burial complex fascinate everyone.

4. Allahabad Fort

What are famous foods and places in Allahabad?
It was built by the Mughal emperor Akbar at Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India in 1583. This fort stands on the banks of the Yamuna near its confluence with the river Ganges.

5. Chandra Shekhar Azad Park (Alfred Park)

What are famous foods and places in Allahabad?

It is the oxygen belt for the crowded city, situated right in the middle of the dense population. This park is known for Chandrashekhar azad who killed himself with his own pistol escaping from English soldiers. It contains several historic bulidings such as Public Library, Allahabad Mesusem, Chandrashekhar Azad memorial , Madan Mohan Malviya Stadium etc. Now it has been completely renovated on a very modern outlook, with lots of jogging track. It’s a must visit place.
There are so many other famous places to visit in Allahabad mentioned below -
Swaraj Bhawan, Someshwar Mahadev Temple, Minto Park, All Saints Cathedral, Jawahar planetarium, Bade Hanuman Temple, Nandan Kanan Water Retreat, fungaon waterpark and Sumitra Nandan Park (Hathi Park).

So, you must visit these places whenever you like to visit Allahabad.
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