Who are great actors/actresses that are also great people?

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Who are great actors/actresses that are also great people?

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Well, no wonder there are so many actors who are amazing human being but recently I literally got really impressed with south Indian actress  "Shriya Saran".

Who are great actors/actresses that are also great people?

Shriya Saran is notable for her philanthropy work. She depicts herself as somebody used to "offering time and assets to the underprivileged since adolescence." She says that "big names can demonstrate the route by sharpening individuals to social issues, battling for causes or being part offund-raisers." Her family has constantly urged her to think about the destitute

Saran is a brand represetative for the Naandi Foundation, and for the Save A Child'sHeart Foundation (SACH), which works for the advantage of poor kids andpeople influenced by characteristic cataclysms. She helps back a Prevention of Aids-establishment.

In 2009, Saran joined with other famous identities to advance 'The Joy of Giving Week', to empower individuals from all kinds of different backgrounds to take part in demonstrations of giving. She routinely partakes in fairs and battles that connect with kids benefits. She is related with creature welfare and the Blue Cross of India. She is likewise connected with a NGO called World Vision that discovers guardians for denied children, and works for Apollo's RDF to bring up reserves for underprivileged youngsters.
This has gotta be the best ever:

In 2011, she opened a Spa which only utilizes the outwardly tested. It is called Shree Spa, and is situated in Mumbai.
Saran has said "When I examined in DPS Mathura Road in Delhi, there was a school for daze precisely inverse to our school. I used to go there consistently and invest energy perceiving how these understudies played cricket and did different things regularly. That is the thing that motivated me to support these individuals.

"All the best"

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