When was technology invented?

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Talking about the inventions…

When was technology invented?

It does not take place like an event or an accident. Discovery in Science and Technologies would always stride with each of the inventions or discovery accompanying one another.

Now, letting you know about the technology which invented 4 to 5 billion years ago and that was surprisingly a Solar System.

The concept for it took birth when humans were digging on to the mines of oil and troweling coal, though when we are been availed with the huge machine of energy that is in the sky shining all the time that too for free… The Sun, the smoldering ball of nuclear energy that sufficient quantity of fuel to run the solar system for the next 5 thousand years more… and this enormous amount energy of energy can be converted in the form of electricity by the use of these solar panels.
When was technology invented?
It seems to be a futuristic product that needs to be invented still but… it has been very common in places. Now, finding them in our day to day things…?

If you wear a wristwatch branded with Quartz then you own one of the eco-friendly devices… with this, you also have the solar calculators in the run of solar energy… Many gardens and homes do have the solar night lamps. Not going too far… the spaceships that have been created are equipped with the solar panels…
Well, if we are taking in the facts about the spaceships there you go with their creators, NASA they are involved in the creation of the solar planes.

A threatening factor comes into the picture that is Global Warming which is been the demk for an environment thus creating more importance of the solar power in the coming days or times.
It’s the prodigious source of energy. The earth receives about 164 watts of solar energy at every square meter which can lit the powerful table lamp.

This energy is thus a mixture of sun and light which is equally important for our survival as light help us in making the food for the plants and the heat of the sun helps in keeping the environment warm enough to live but these cannot be used directly for running a motor… So, we came up with the fact of converting this energy into some other suitable energy ahead... and what a solar cell does…

What is a Solar Cell?

It is an electronic device that helps in converting the solar energy into the suitable other energy like electricity. Its shape is octagonal invisibility and is equivalent to the size of a human palm with bluish-black in color. Hence, bundling these small sets together gives rise to the solar panels.
Just like a battery, the cell is designed in such a way that generates the electricity and thus known as Photovoltaic Cells as they use sunlight to function.
These light particles are made up of photons which is the combination of the brilliant yellow fire shooting out thousands and thousands of photons altogether which is been absorbed by the solar panels. Thus, these solar panels help in producing a good amount of voltage and electricity. These are formed virtually by the slices of silicon and the silicones when in contact with the photons had a chemical reaction which gives out the energy suddenly and thus any electric appliance in connection of its circuit would start running off…

Well, this was all about the first invention that I mentioned…
Nice to get through these facts…

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