What are cookies in networking?

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What are cookies in networking?
The information that is been encrypted for security reasons is stored in a cookie. Generally, when a user posts its request, a cookie is been attached to an HTTP header, from the HTTP server to a Web Browser. When specific websites are been accessed the stored cookie is been sent to the HTTP server.

The pattern in which the cookie is been managed are:

• Expiry Date: cookie available with the expiry date terminated after the surpass of the mentioned date
• Without Expiry Date: Cookie that is without the expiry date are stored in the user’s system memory automatically, which get terminated as soon as the user’s browsing ends

Well, due to lack of knowledge about a cookie, tech-savvy think that it is a small chunk of files that contains corrupt data like spyware, virus & malware. A false conception of a cookie.
One of the known programmer named Lou Montulli, in 1994 invented something really unique as “Magic Cookie”. These magic cookies were nothing but a simple text file, stored at user’s system. A Web Browser helped the Web server to save these simple text file which was sent again and again on user’s request. Hence, the identification of the user was helped through this file.

Variation of Cookie:
What are cookies in networking?

There are three variations of cookie existed:
• Session Cookie
• Third- Party Cookie
• Permanent Cookie

Session Cookie:
A session cookie is used in gateway sites. Hence, when the session expires, the transaction ceases.

Third-Party Cookie:
These cookies are been installed with the help of Third-Party to accumulate information for research involving demographic and behavioral.

Permanent Cookie:
They remain in an active state even though the browser shuts down. Just like your password and User Login ID, once it is been saved you can directly Log-In to the account every time you visit, but remember to delete it in every six months as it is ben imposed by the law of permanent cookie.

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