What is Digital Marketting?

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What is Digital Marketting?Marketing which is done with the medium of digital formats is known as digital marketing. Digital marketing is slight different from traditional marketing. There was a time when newspaper, television, magazines and radios were only medium available for marketing of a product. 

Now era has changed but that doesn't means traditional ways aren't useful, but now traditional formats are being utilized more effectively and efficiently. Social media is a key for the success of the digital marketing campaigns. Social media marketing comes under a vital component of digital marketing strategies.

As we all know there billions of user who spend so many hours on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. throughout their day. Marketing on these places helps in hiking up the conversion rate optimization (conversion of people in customers) and increasing the reach of their company and commodity as well. What is Digital Marketting?

Digital marketing includes so many variants to promote your company and product as well. They are so many methods of marketing your commodity digitally such as, affiliate marketing, mobile advertising, radio marketing, event marketing, viral marketing, virtual reality marketing etc.

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