Where was the titanic built?

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The ship of dreams was built in Harland which is located in Belfast at Wolf Shipyard in between the year 1909 to 1912. Now Belfast is in Northern Ireland. Titanic was one among 3 'Olympic Class' liners commissioned by the White Star Line to be engineered at the Harland and Wolff workplace in capital of Northern Ireland. Construction began on the primary of those nice ships, Olympic, on sixteen December 1908.

Where was the titanic built?Work on that giant ship started shortly once, on thirty one March 1909. These impressive vessels were the commercial marvels of their age and large was to be the most important, quickest and most luxurious liner however. 

After simply 3 years, it was finished - a floating town, able to set sail on her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York. On board was a group of passengers comprising millionaires, moving picture stars, college academics and emigrants, in search of a far better life within us.

on  fifth day of its journey, the beautiful titanic was creating swift progress across the Atlantic. Though Captain Edward Smith had planned a brand new course upon hearing earlier reports of ice from alternative liners, there have been more communications that day of ice in Titanic's path. On the night of Sunday fourteen Gregorian calendar month 1912, the ocean was flat calm, the sky clear and moonless, and also the temperature was dropping towards phase change. In such conditions, ocean ice is extremely onerous to identify. 
At 11.40pm the lookout measured the alarm and telephoned the bridge expression "Iceberg, right ahead." The warning came too late to avoid the iceberg and large ship stricken it but forty seconds later, tearing a series of holes on the aspect of the hull. Upon inspecting the injury, Titanic's chief military service designer Thomas Andrews same to Captain Smith that the ship would definitely sink. Six of the watertight compartments at the front of the ship's hull were broken, 5 of them flooding inside the hour. Large was designed to remain afloat with solely four compartments flooded.
Where was the titanic built?
Less than 3 hours later large lay at all-time low of the ocean, nearly four kilometers down. The sinking of large claimed over one, 500 lives. For many, the tragic fate that befell large would come back to mark the passing of the wealth of the Edwardian era and foreshadowed the world tragedy of warfare One. The story captured the general public imagination across the planet, spawning innumerable books, films, plays, memorials, museums and exhibitions. The invention of the wreck by scientist parliamentarian Ballard on a Franco-American expedition in 1985 gave rise to a contemporary wave of interest that continues to the current day.