If you delete an important single message, could you restore it?

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Oops! Message Deleted?

Nothing to worry about, we have a solution!

If you delete an important single message, could you restore it?

We all have been through that heart-stopping moment when we accidentally delete an important SMS or a text or deleted it anyway and realize its importance in the future. We are left with no hope! How can we get it back? Unavailability of recycle bin in android phone, Agh! Searching for clues hither and thither? Don't go anywhere, just scroll down the page to the bottom.

If you delete an important single message, could you restore it?

Know how you can recover your deleted texts on your phone.

Android connections to Windows

Firstly, you need to launch Android Data Recovery on a computer. Now connect your phone to a computer via USB cable. Automatically, the program will detect your android phone.

  • Restore text message

Once your computer and the phone have a connection, the program prompts you to choose what sort of data you would like to recover from your Android device. In that situation, choose ''Messages" and click "NEXT."

  • Install FonePaw App

The program then scans your Android phone for deleted messages. Install the FonePaw app on your mobile. Now, enable install via USB and tap on Install when you receive a pop-up on your Android phone.

  • Agreement to scan deleted messages

As soon as the app gets installed, Android Data Recovery seeks your permission to access your deleted data. Tap "Allow" when FonePaw asks your permission to get access to read messages on your phone. After this, click "Scan" Authorized Files to scan the deleted messages.

  • Recovery of the text message from Android phone

The program first performs a standard scan on your phone. If you are still not able to accesses your deleted text, Tap on Deep Scan. After the deep scanning, the erased text message get a display in red font. If you want to look at the deleted SMS only then tap on "Only display the deleted items" to turn it on.

Select the text messages you want to restore and then tap on the "Recover" button.

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