How to crack software?

Asked 14-Nov-2017
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Steps  to crack software:

  • Learn how to programme in Assembly and manipulate hex codes. You'll need a decent understanding of assembly, a low-level programming language, if you wish to break most software.
  • Install a disassembler on your computer. You'll need many tools, including a disassembler, to inspect and edit DLLs. As a disassembler and debugger, IDA Pro is a superb choice.
  • In your disassembler, open the application you want to crack. Depending on whose disassembler you're using, the procedure varies slightly. This will show you which DLL files the programme is loading. Examine which DLL functions are being called using the debugger.
  • Look for a counter function. Many programmes utilise a timer to prevent copying, and when the timer expires, the user loses access to the software. The purpose is to locate and then circumvent this counter code.
  • On the counter, mark a break-point. Set your disassembler to break when the counter function is encountered once you've isolated it. This allows you to examine the exact code that is executed when the counter function is invoked.
  • Change the counter code if necessary. Now that you've discovered the counter function's code, you may modify it such that it never reaches the point where it locks you out of the programme.
  • Recompile the programme that has been cracked. After you've disassembled and edited the programme, you'll need to recompile it so that your changes are reflected in the DLL files and other dependencies.

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