Which has better graphics xbox one or ps4?

Asked 14-Nov-2017
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Well, it’s very hard to judge between Xbox and ps4 as they both are one of the best gaming consoles of present times. For gamers who spend hours in it state that it feels like paradise while handling these gaming consoles. Now coming to your question among them which one is better? 

Xbox One
The Xbox one comes with strong hardware along with 8GB RAM DDR3, 64-bit processors and many more things. But if we go through reviews as the time passes its hardware ages. However, an external hard disk is accepted.
Which has better graphics xbox one or ps4
The best part is the voice control and the motion control sensors for voice commands you need Kinect 2 is needed. The motion and voice control feature takes the gaming experience to whole new different level.
Which has better graphics xbox one or ps4
Xbox also provides the facility of cloud storage, live streaming, combine screens, and subscription service as well. An individual can connect external keyboards and mouse also as per his comfort.
If we see an overview, technicalities are really amazing of the Xbox One. It comes in two variants  1TB version which prices $299 and other with 500 GB hard disk which prices $239. 

Play station 4 comes up with GDDR5 8GB Ram and storage size of 500GB which is adjustable or you can say removable. It weights around 2.8 kg you and runs on Single-chip custom processor “Jaguar”, 8 cores.
Which has better graphics xbox one or ps4
Ps4 offers distant background object with enhanced focus which provides better visibility.
Play station 4 offers clear soft image resolution with corner edges which provide much more realistic experience. Visuals consisting smoke and fire looks heavier which offers a great feeling just like its real.
Which has better graphics xbox one or ps4?
Ps 4 cost a bit more than the Xbox as the PlayStation cost around $399. 
The technical specification is quite good in both of them as they both come with power packed technology.

Graphics comparison
Graphics and visual effects of both consoles are equally appreciable as they both offer a realistic feel to the person who is playing it. However, if we go through gamers review ps4 is an edge ahead of Xbox One, as Ps4provides a bit better view at times there are visuals of natural background grass and few another thing. Although the Xbox one doesn’t have any sort of issue neither the Ps 4, that’s the primary reason these 2 are the best gaming consoles of the current time.