Where is google headquarters?

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Google's headquarters is located in the Mountain View area of GooglePlex Bay of California. In August 2015, Google re-structured its own headquarter after Sundar Picha was made CEO by Larry Paige.

Where is google headquarters?

Founded by Larry Page in Sergie Brin in 1998, when they were a Ph.D. students. Google is a multinational, traded on an open market association worked around the organization's colossally mainstream web crawler. Google's different ventures incorporate Internet examination, distributed computing, promoting advancements, and Web application, program and working framework improvement.

Where is google headquarters?

In an initial couple of long stretches of activity, Google's web crawler rivalry included AltaVista, Yahoo, Excite and Lycos. Inside a couple of years, in any case, Google turned out to be dominant to the point that the name has turned into a verb significance to lead a Web look; individuals are as liable to state they "Googled" some data as to state they hunt down it.

At present, the people with 14 percent of the total shares have 56 percent voting power through super-voting stock. The first e would be a completely private company. Google launched its new headquarters on August 19, 2004, for the initial public offering.

According to the Alexa statistics which shows the global ranks of all the websites of the Internet, there are many sites available to visit the Google world. The top 100 also includes a lot of other services, such as YouTube and Blogger.

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