What is the oldest known city in the world?

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The oldest known city in the world is by and large viewed as Jericho, situated in the West Bank, close to the Jordan Waterway. Archeological proof proposes that Jericho has been constantly occupied for north of 11,000 years, making it one of the earliest locales of human civilization. This antiquated city traces all the way back to around 9,000 BCE, during the early Neolithic time frame.

What is the oldest known city in the world

Jericho's essential area close to water sources and prolific land made it an optimal spot for early human settlement. The city is renowned for its antiquated walls, which are among the earliest known strongholds. These walls, tracing all the way back to around 8,000 BCE, show a degree of social association and designing refinement that was progressed for now is the right time.

Unearthings in Jericho have uncovered various layers of home, each noteworthy different parts of early human existence. The earliest pilgrims were reasonable tracker finders who continuously embraced cultivating, developing yields, for example, wheat and grain, and training creatures like sheep and goats. This change to horticulture considered more long-lasting settlements and the improvement of perplexing social orders.

Jericho likewise holds critical, authentic, and social significance. The city keeps on giving important experiences into early human progress and the improvement of metropolitan life. Jericho's getting through heritage as the most seasoned realized city highlights its importance in the investigation of mankind's set of experiences and the advancement of complicated social orders.

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