What is the oldest known civilization in the world?

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The oldest known civilization in the world is the Sumerian civilization, which prospered in Mesopotamia in what is currently southern Iraq around 4500 BCE. The Sumerians are maybe credited with making the earliest metropolitan societies and fostering a more prominent obligation to human turn of events and culture.

What is the oldest known civilization in the world

The Sumerians established the city provinces of Ur, Uruk, and Eridu, which became major political, financial, and social focuses. The Epic of Gilgamesh, perhaps one of the most established known abstract works, started with Sumerian folklore and writing.


As well as composing, the Sumerians made critical advances in arithmetic, space science, and regulation. They fostered a sexagesimal (base-60) number framework, which has impacted current timekeeping and math. How they might interpret divine bodies prompted the production of quite possibly the earliest known lunar schedule. The Sumerian overall set of laws laid the basis for future arranged regulations, affecting later civilizations like the Babylonians and their popular Code of Hammurabi.


Compositionally, the Sumerians are known for building ziggurats, gigantic terraced structures that filled in as sanctuaries for their divinities. These amazing buildings feature strict dedication and structural creativity.


The Sumerian development's downfall started around 2000 BCE, because of elements like attacks, inward conflict, and natural changes. In spite of this, their commitments to composing, regulation, and metropolitan improvement lastingly affected the ensuing civilizations and mankind's set of experiences. The tradition of the Sumerians keeps on being read and appreciated for its central job in the advancement of human culture.

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