How to delete WhatsApp status after 24 hours?

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WhatsApp popularity updates automatically go away after 24 hours, but if you want to delete a status before the 24 hours are up, you can do so by following the steps below:

How to delete WhatsApp status after 24 hours




  • Open WhatsApp: Send off the WhatsApp programming to your cellphone. Make sure your WhatsApp account has been logged in.
  • Go to Status: Tap on the "Status" tab situated at the most reduced part of the presentation screen. This will display all of the reputation updates that you and your contacts have published.
  • Track down the Status to Erase: You can delete only the one status update by scrolling through the list of them. Tap on the notoriety to open it.
  • Tap on Choices: When the ubiquity is open, you might see three vertical spots (choices) at the most minimal right alcove of the screen. To access the menu of famous options, tap on those dots.
  • Choose "Delete": In the choices menu, select the "Delete" alternative. You might be incited to affirm the erasure. Affirm your movement with the guide of tapping "Delete" again.
  • Confirm the omission: The popularity replacement will no longer appear in your contacts or appear in your reputation list until you confirm the deletion.

It's critical to see that once you erase a notice, it can't be recovered. Moreover, assuming the standing supplant has previously been respected by your contacts, erasing it will now not dispose of it from their view records. They will in any case be equipped to see the standing supplant, assuming they respected it sooner than you erased it.

If you follow those steps, you can easily delete a WhatsApp status update before it expires after 24 hours. This grants you the ability to keep control over the substance material you rate on your status and get rid of something you do not want to be seen by your contacts.


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