How to fix YouTube videos not playing on Mac Safari?

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Assuming you're encountering issues with YouTube movies done betting on Macintosh Safari, there are various investigating steps you could attempt to cure the issue:

How to fix YouTube videos not playing on Mac Safari



  • Clear program stores and treats: At times, gathered reserves and treats can impede the playback of YouTube recordings. To clean the store and treats in Safari, go to Safari Inclinations and Protection, then, at that point, click on "Manage Site Data" and also, remove all realities related to YouTube.
  • Cripple program augmentations: YouTube playback may occasionally be disrupted by plugins or browser extensions. Briefly cripple any expansions or modules set up in Safari and investigate on the off chance that the trouble endures.
  • Update Safari: Ensure you are using the most recent model of Safari. Refreshes routinely comprise worm fixes and improvements that might clear up playback issues.
  • Incapacitate equipment speed increase: Equipment speed increase can every so often cause issues with video playback. To cripple equipment speed increases in Safari, visit Safari Inclinations Advanced and uncheck the box that appears after "Enable hardware acceleration."
  • Actually look at web association: Unfortunate web association or local area issues can likewise meaningfully affect YouTube playback. 
  • Attempt a unique program: In the event that the trouble perseveres, endeavor approaching YouTube the utilization of a stand-out program like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to decide whether the issue is exact to Safari.
  • Restart your Macintosh: Now and then, practically restarting your Macintosh can tackle brief framework deformities or issues with playback.
  • Update Adobe Streak Player: Despite the fact that YouTube overall uses HTML5 for video playback, ensuring that Adobe Streak Player is cutting-edge can likewise assist with helping playback issues, explicitly for more established films that actually utilize Streak.


By following these means, you could investigate and surely resolve YouTube films that are not playing on Macintosh Safari. In the event that the issue continues, it can be valuable to contact YouTube help or Apple support for likewise help.


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