How to change Spotify password on iPhone app?

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Changing your Spotify Secret Phrase promptly in the iPhone application is absurd. Nonetheless, you could without issues exchange your secret word with the guide of following those means the utilization of an internet browser in your iPhone or each and every other device:

How to Change the Password to a Spotify Account




  • Open Internet Browser: Go to the Spotify website using your iPhone's Web browser.
  • Log In: Click on the "Log In" link if you are not already logged in button at the apex legitimate corner of the Spotify web webpage and info your current day login qualifications (username/email and secret key).
  • Access Record Settings: Subsequent to signing in, click on your username or profile photo on the upper right corner of the Spotify site to get admission to the dropdown menu. 
  • Go to Secret word Settings: In your record settings, track down the "Password" stage, ordinarily found underneath the "Security" or, on the other hand, the "Privacy" tab. Click on the choice to change your secret word.
  • Enter Current and New Passwords: You'll be caused to enter your advanced secret word for check capabilities. A short time later, enter your inclined toward the new secret phrase two times to insist.
  • Log Out and Log Back In: After proficiently changing over your secret word, close down your Spotify account on all gadgets. Then, at that point, log back in the utilization of your new secret phrase to verify that the adjustments take influence.


You can change your Spotify password safely and easily, even from your iPhone, if you follow those steps. Make sure to apply a powerful and exact secret word to improve the wellbeing of your record and safeguard your confidential data.


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